Monday, December 22, 2008


Hello All,
Sorry it's been awhile! I've been facebooking! Anyway, I know you are all still praying for us, and I want to thank you for that. This is not a joy filled Christmas for isn't all tears either.

As you know we ventured to Lynden Washington for Thanksgiving and just want to note that we were wonderfully cared for and loved on our visit there. The meal was Scccccrumpsious and the company was out of this world. Thank you Lynden family for showing us a SPECTACULAR time!!!

One little glitch along the way was while we slept in the Motel 6 at Grants Pass Suburban window was broken and our video camera and shoes were stolen (the thief had no idea what was in the duffel bag, so took it). After making a police report, taping up the window and driving 45 miles north on Highway 5...the police called my cell to report recovery of shoes in the bushes down the street from the motel...since Dalaynee and I only had flip flops at that moment and the weather in Lynden was very cold...we opted to turn around and retrieve the shoes, however one pair was (ugg type) boots. I was very disgusted since I just bought them and only wore them once before. We called Lynden and got a number for a glass place in town...the window was ordered and by the Friday after Thanksgiving my window was replaced...Thank you Lord!!!

The other night Laur and I were invited to a Christmas party at church for the guys from Civigenics (the halfway house Jeff worked with through prison ministry at our church)...I knew they were going to do a tribute to Jeff and I knew they were planning to play the picture video from his funeral service...but...I didn't know how that would effect me. About 5 pictures into it...I walked out sobbing. I realize now that I shouldn't have gone...but...I was honored that they wanted to honor Jeff.

It is just sooooo weird...that's the best I can describe the feeling of not having Jeff here. Sometimes it's okay, not so bad...and sometimes, it's excruciating...I can't stand it!!!! That's when I ask God WHY!!! I don't really get an answer, but I do receive comfort and peace.

Anyway, please pray for us during the holidays! Jeff is very, very, very, missed and there is an emptiness inside of me...but I'm thankful for my family, friends and church.

May God grant you peace this Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Side Tracked

Hello all, sorry it's taken so long for my blog to be updated! I have now found is very addicting, which is the reason for no blog update. I see that many of you keep up both, so I will do my best to do the same.

Dalaynee and I along with my parents and my sister, Laur, are going to Lynden Washington for Thanksgiving. We are leaving the 24th and returning the 2nd or 3rd. This means I have a busy week of getting ready. We are all riding in my Suburban...should be loads of fun!!!

That's all for now...check me out on facebook too!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Promised Pictures

Here are some of the photos I took in no particular order...

Steve Poelstra & his daughter, Faith, in the foreground and Zack & Laynee in the back.

One day, the Poelstra's rented a Pontoon boat...we took an hour or so ride to go have lunch...very fun...just a little long for the kids!

Drew & Laynee

Fatima...Drew's wife.


Drew, getting ready for fishing at the sandbar!

Steve Poelstra at the helm!

Alyssa Poelstra, Faith & Shane.

All ready to go in the water...except...she still has her pajamas on!?!?!?

Having fun with Zack in the water!

I love this picture...she really looks like Jeff!

This is Laynee PRETENDING to sleep in a restaurant!

Playing with sand toys (not our boat).

Fell asleep while eating chips with lunch...

There's nothing like a good bubble bath!!!

More fun with Zack!

I'm not sure I took enough babies and stuffed animals along!

Thank you for all your prayers!!! Blessings!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Home again...home again!

Yes, we have returned! I had some difficult moments...but overall we had a good time, thank you all for your prayers! I will post some photos soon!

Bless you!

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been awhile...

Sorry for the delay in posting...every time I've looked at the blog, I hesitate for some reason. Anyway, here are some of the new happenings in Nordsville...

In addition to the blind, Dayzee chewed and scratched through the screen on my front door (I was just outside in front talking to one of my neighbors and Dayzee felt left out). So, the next step was to get a more sturdy door that she couldn't scratch or other words...a security screen door. Since Lowes was having a sale, this was the perfect here is my new security door...

I LOVE it!!!! Except that it covers the mail slot in my front door and since I've forgotten to keep the screen unlocked two times...the post office held my mail until I purchased an outside "mail receptacle" is my new "mail receptacle"...

According to the USPS, it had to be "securely fastened" to I got out Jeff's screw gun and "securely fastened" it to the plant shelf!!! Kind of proud, if I do say so myself!

Here's a photo of the front of our house...just in case no one has seen it before...Jeff and I were a little hesitant to have black trim...but we always said that every time we drove up, we were so pleased at how it looks...

Now, just a prayer request...we are leaving for a week's vacation at Lake Havasu, AZ on Friday. I am excited and apprehensive, we usually went here with two other families 2-3 times a year and this will be the first trip without Jeff. My step sons and daughter-in-law will be along and my Mom, along with good family friends, the will be tons of support for me. Please pray for comfort, strength, and safe travel.

Thank you...may God be with you all!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, we have a new addition to the Nord family...

Meet...Dayzee!!!! She is 1-2 years old, part Australian Shepherd, Border Collie and maybe a little Sheep dog. She wieghs about 50 or 60 lbs...bigger than I originally wanted but she is just so sweet. She is spayed, house trained and micro chipped. So, how can you go wrong?

She is also VERY gentle and protecting of Dalaynee (and me)! I think Jeff would have liked her...he knew a lot about dogs and we were talking about adopting one a year or 2 before his tumor was found.

One thing.....
When we were out of the house most of today and then a few hours this evening...and after I didn't close the back door well enough (she is inside only when we are home)...she got in the house and because we weren't there, I think, she...well...see for yourself...

That's right...bit into and tore up our fake wood mini blinds!!! I was very upset and Dalaynee was crying because she thought I wanted to get rid of Dayzee. I assured her that Dayzee is a part of our family now, and just like I don't get rid of her when she does something that upsets me, I won't get rid of Dayzee.

Also, I started working on a volunteer basis at church this week...I'm doing administrative stuff for a friend of mine that is the Coordinator of our Compton Initiative. This was my first week...Mon, Wed, Fri...I am loving it!!!!

Well, just some new happenings around our abode! Bless you all!!! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers...we are experiencing God's presence and peace!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Back!

Well, we returned from our trip last week and only now am I able to post some photos...

We stopped to use the facilities here...we found out there were none to use...BUT...there was this cool Jack Rabbit to sit on!!!! What a lucky break!!!!

Just one of many beautiful sunsets along the way!!

We ended up stopping in Omaha to meet up with my cousin Gina...then we took her daughter, Leah, to Sioux Falls to stay with her parents (Uncle Butch, mom's brother, & Aunt Ev) for a few days...Dalaynee and Leah had a great time traveling together for a few hours!!!

I tried very hard to take a cute picture of Dalaynee and Leah standing against this wall and my daughter, of course, wouldn't stay put...

When I raised my voice, she just thought it was that much funnier to run towards the camera! Oh well, it did make for a cute picture!!! =)

Here's just some various pictures of the few days we spent at my Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary's house...
They had a trampoline...Dalaynee spent much time here!

Also, she got to get a ride on a real horse! Anna is the one giving Dalaynee a ride...she is the girlfriend of my cousin Ann's son Daniel! The other rider is Ann's daughter Cerita! They were all so good to Dalaynee...Thanks so much you guys!!!!

This is, from left to right, my cousin Deedre, her sister Ann (holding Riley, the granddaughter of their sister Connie), and of course, my mom.

These 4 lovely ladies are my cousin Connie's daughters...from left to right...Rene, Brittney, Deedre, & Cerita (not sure of spelling). Rene has 2 children, Aiden & Riley; Cerita has 1 daughter, Adalay.

This is my cousin Deedre's son Jamie, he got the great idea to put an air mattress on the hammock...looked very comfortable...

But all good things come to an end I suppose...

We tried his good idea again...and it worked pretty good if you stayed still! This is my cousin Deedre and Dalaynee.

Here's is the couple of the Uncle Dick (dad's brother) and Aunt Mary...they were celebrating 55 years of wedded bliss!

Here's everyone trying to set the timers on their cameras to get the ultimate photo!

This is my cousin Connie's granddaughter Adalay.

This is Connie's other granddaughter, Riley.

Here's my uncle and aunt's crew trying to get set up for a group shot.

So that's it...we had a really great time! Thank you to our Minnesota family!!

Bless you all!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I planned on doing an interesting post with pictures and everything before now, but time just got away from is just an informational post. Tomorrow morning Dalaynee and I are getting in the Suburban with my parents and driving to Minnesota for my uncle and aunt's 55th wedding anniversary. We should return the 5th or 6th of August and then I will do a new post! Please pray for safety on the road for us.

Bless you!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life so far...

Many people are wondering how we are doing...Thank you!!! We are okay for the most part. Dalaynee is still a joyous little girl and I don't cry all the time, so all is pretty well. I thank God for my little girl and how she comprehends. I must let all know that the afternoon of June 20th (the day Jeff passed away) when Jeff's breathing started to rattle and he was foaming at the mouth, I called the Hospice nurse and she came right over...she propped him up in the hospital bed we had in the living room and we gave him some liquid morphine so he was comfortable and then she told me that his lungs were filling up and it would be anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. {Just a note here...I was so thankful that my sister-in-law, Judy walked in before I got the nurse on the phone...Judy is an RN and really helped to keep me calm..Thanks Jude!!!!} Anyway, I called my family and Jeff's sons and soon our living room was filled with people...everyone said goodbye and we prayed, that he would go peacefully, not suffer too long and please Lord, don't let him die on Dalaynee's birthday (June 22nd). Then we prayed for God's guidance about Dalaynee...should she go home with my parents or stay in the house??? During that prayer I felt the overwhelming need to try to explain to her what was going on with daddy. I gave her a bath and just told her that sometimes when people are very sick like daddy they had to go live with Jesus...I asked if she knew where Jesus lived and she said no, so I told her about heaven and that when daddy gets to heaven he won't be sick anymore...she then asked if God lived in heaven too, I said yes...her next question was how daddy would get to heaven, I said that Jesus would come and get him and she asked if they would take a rocket...I thought that would be a great way for them to get there and agreed that maybe they would, wouldn't daddy love that!!! I then assured her that I wasn't going anywhere and would answer any question she had. She seemed satisfied and when Jeff passed away later that night, she rubbed his cheek and said "I'm going to miss you daddy!" We also made a deal that if either one of us gets sad we are just going to hug until we are happy again...that has worked out great!!! She still has many questions and I plan for both of us to see a counselor, but so far so good! Andrew and Zack seem okay too...very supportive a care taking to me, which is very nice. Also, Andrew got married this past Saturday, so now I have a step daughter-in-law to boot!!! You can see some pictures on Laur's blog
Just thought I'd let you all know that we are okay...thank you for your support, love and prayers. Please continue to pray for us and please also pray for the Buccowich family
Bless you!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


If you haven't heard, my dear husband went to be with the Lord on Friday night. Below are all of the details for Visitation & Memorial Service etc. If you are unable to make it, I totally understand!

The viewing is on Wednesday from 5p to 8p at Del Angel Mortuary, 10333 Alondra Blvd., Bellflower 90706. The casket will only be open for the 1st hour.

The graveside service (open to whomever wants to attend) is Thursday at 9:30a at Artesia Cemetery, 11142 Artesia Blvd., Cerritos 90703.

And the memorial service is at our church at 11am with lunch following...15941 Virginia Ave., Paramount 90723.

Bless you.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just Dalaynee...

Here's just a few recent photos of our beautiful daughter I wanted to share...

The sleeping bag I spoke about earlier was even better on top of her bed!!!!

Being kookie for the camera!

She and her girls!!!!

Tuckered out after an end of the Preschool year carnival...painted cheek and all!!!

Dancing and singing in one of our last winter rains...very little the last 2 photos she's doing the hokey pokey!

Sunday morning before Jeff's last time at church! He told her he loved her and her mother...I teared up and took a picture!

Our neighbor bought this doll because she thought it looked like Dalaynee...she has been given the name of Lucy.

She came to me one night and said "Mom, I think I'm sick...I have all these red dots all over!" Thankfully it was washable marker!

Just thought I'd share some of the up times in our household as well...Blessings to all of you!!!!