Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello Again

I know...I know...it's been a long time since I've updated! Everything is still okay for the most part. I wish I had new pics to post...there have been some very candid moments lately..but..the charge cord for my digital camera was in the video camera case that was stolen in Grants Pass Oregon... I haven't gotten a new camera yet and the one I have is old enough that a new charge cord might be hard to find.

The other day Laynee had the idea to tie a note to a balloon and send it up to heaven to daddy...as the balloon went up...up...up she yelled "bye balloon, tell daddy we said hi!" I am sooooo thankful for her!!!
I hope this finds all well and blessed! Keep praying for us, Buccowiches and a new family that has been hit by cancer...Friday Johnson (the mom) and her 4-5 month old daughter Micah have lost there husband and father to cancer...thankfully he knew Jesus, so he (Robbie) has been healed. Please pray for the wife and daughter. THANK YOU!!!!!!