Monday, December 22, 2008


Hello All,
Sorry it's been awhile! I've been facebooking! Anyway, I know you are all still praying for us, and I want to thank you for that. This is not a joy filled Christmas for isn't all tears either.

As you know we ventured to Lynden Washington for Thanksgiving and just want to note that we were wonderfully cared for and loved on our visit there. The meal was Scccccrumpsious and the company was out of this world. Thank you Lynden family for showing us a SPECTACULAR time!!!

One little glitch along the way was while we slept in the Motel 6 at Grants Pass Suburban window was broken and our video camera and shoes were stolen (the thief had no idea what was in the duffel bag, so took it). After making a police report, taping up the window and driving 45 miles north on Highway 5...the police called my cell to report recovery of shoes in the bushes down the street from the motel...since Dalaynee and I only had flip flops at that moment and the weather in Lynden was very cold...we opted to turn around and retrieve the shoes, however one pair was (ugg type) boots. I was very disgusted since I just bought them and only wore them once before. We called Lynden and got a number for a glass place in town...the window was ordered and by the Friday after Thanksgiving my window was replaced...Thank you Lord!!!

The other night Laur and I were invited to a Christmas party at church for the guys from Civigenics (the halfway house Jeff worked with through prison ministry at our church)...I knew they were going to do a tribute to Jeff and I knew they were planning to play the picture video from his funeral service...but...I didn't know how that would effect me. About 5 pictures into it...I walked out sobbing. I realize now that I shouldn't have gone...but...I was honored that they wanted to honor Jeff.

It is just sooooo weird...that's the best I can describe the feeling of not having Jeff here. Sometimes it's okay, not so bad...and sometimes, it's excruciating...I can't stand it!!!! That's when I ask God WHY!!! I don't really get an answer, but I do receive comfort and peace.

Anyway, please pray for us during the holidays! Jeff is very, very, very, missed and there is an emptiness inside of me...but I'm thankful for my family, friends and church.

May God grant you peace this Christmas!!!