Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slowly, but surely!!!!

Hello! Just a small I noticed on two occasions Jeff was able to recall something that he wasn't able to a couple of days ago...also, it seems that he doesn't really want to sleep as much during the a tad bit more energy!!! At this point we will take all the positives we can get.
About the Wubben baby...we are praising God...little Alex Dale Wubben has arrived--
(8lbs, 4 oz, 21 inches)and the ventricles in his brain are normal size! What a blessing...his family is very relieved and I thank all of you who were praying for them.

Sue Buccowich continues to be hospitalized with further complications (click over to their website for details)...please continue to lift their family up in your prayers.

Our immediate prayer requests continue to be quick restoration of Jeff's memory, a clean scan next week and continued strength for me...I have been better with Dalaynee, so your prayers have been helping...however, this whole thing including the anxiety about what the scan will show is really taking a toll on me...I covet patience, peace that passes understanding and emotional strength.
We praise and thank God for all of you!!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel is in view!!!


He may have to take chemo pills again in 2-3 weeks, but we are thankful, and at the same time a little anxious about getting a CT scan in 2 weeks to see what effect the treatment had on this tumor. Jeff's major concern is his memory...he is physically tired and also mentally tired from having to ask me the same question 20 times a day! Also, he has dreams, that he won't be able to do his job, etc...keep in mind, he was a worrier before they found the tumor and now I believe the medication and treatments may have an enhancing effect on his worries!!! Although, he has told me that, he does not believe that God is going to take him home yet, so that is not something he worries about...thank goodness!

Please pray that Jeff's memory is restored quickly or at least enough so he is able to see an improvement! Please also pray for his worrying. Another prayer request would be for me...I found myself extremely impatient with Dalaynee today...she is definitely more difficult because daddy's getting extra attention...and, of course, my patience is being all used up by Jeff's forgetting...but I feel like I'm overreacting when she does something wrong...please pray for patience and clear thinking for me when it comes to her.

Thank you...Bless you all!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The power of prayer!!

Well...thanks to your prayers for boldness....I did it!!!!
Today was the day that I invited Joe to our church! He seemed appreciative for the invitation...I handed him a brochure which describes the different ministries we have at Emmanuel, anyway, I was surprised at how easy it was...I should do this more often.

Oh well, enough about me...
Jeff has only 2 radiation treatments left and then, God willing, his memory will slowly come back! He will have to continue taking the chemo for at least a week (the chemo was started later because our pharmacy screwed up the initial prescription) and then maybe after taking a break, take it again for a time...that's apparently the treatment schedule with chemo...he doesn't like it, but at least he won't be as tired on only one treatment and his memory should slowly come the way, yesterday the doctor suggested that his memory could take weeks or months to come back entirely...they really aren't sure because everyone is different...please pray that God restores it before months go by...Thank you!!! Other than the memory thing, we are doing pretty well...when I feel like I am at the end of my rope with Jeff or Dalaynee and I'm ready to snap at one of them, God grants me His grace and peace and, in a calm voice, nice words come out of my mouth!!!! My parents have offered to take Laynee once in a while and a lady from our church, Teri (our backup babysitter), has offered to take her one day this week, so that will be a big help!

Incidentally, We have been so blessed by dinners, monetary gifts and gift cards that we are overwhelmed...we've received dinners from friends at church, grocery & dinner gift cards from family in Washington...monetary gifts from one of our fellow church families, gas gift cards from a church family and today we received another monetary gift from an anonymous church member (if you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!)...God truly provides!!!!!!

The current prayer requests are somewhat the same...obliterate the cancer, restore memory sooner than the doctors think, & also pray for Susan, Jennifer (the girl we met in radiation), Joe Delaney, Larry Litherland (the father of a friend of ours from church, that has a brain tumor as well), and all the others in our family & church that are struggling with health issues.
Also, please ask God to keep a special hand on the Wubben baby... my cousins in Washington state (Kathy & Dale Wubben) are expecting their 4th child and, long story short, the doctors have noticed some ventricals in the brain that are larger than they should be...Kathy will be induced on the August 25th...please pray that this little Wubben will be born healthy and strong and grow with his or her brothers & sister to be mighty believers!!!

Again, we are so appreciative for all your love, support and prayers...we are comforted and are definitely experiencing the presence of God!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Susan Update

I just heard today that Susan is home again an doing better! Praise God!!! Keep praying...Thank you!!!

Sue Buccowich

For those of you who haven't jumped over to my friend's website lately...please pray for Susan!!! She had her 2nd surgery a week ago, Monday, and she was released from the hospital 3 days later...this Monday, she was suffering from severe pain that Vicodin would not called UCLA and at 4am he drove her there. In the ER they gave her Morphine, which helped for the pain and gave her needed rest. After many tests they eliminated bleeding and excessive swelling to be the cause of pain, and discovered that she had a slight stroke in the middle of her brain. I believe that she is still in the hospital so they can find out what caused the pain and stroke. Please continue to pray for her and her family daily!

Thank you!!!!


A funny thing happened at Radiation...

The other day we went to Jeff's daily radiation treatment and as we were talking to the RT I spoke of in a previous post (Joe) I noticed the name tag he wears around his read "Joseph Delaney" I paused a minute and said to my husband "did you see what his last name is?" Then we told Joe that our daughter was named Dalaynee...Dalaynee Jo...he about flipped his lid (NOTE: because his name tag read "Joseph" I didn't connect the complete irony until a few seconds went by)...we all laughed as our jaws dropped...below is a photo of DALAYNEE JO and JOE DELANEY!

We found out from others later that Joe's wife ran out on him and he is raising 2 daughters on his own...he seems like such a GREAT guy...the more I think of him, the more I believe that I need to invite him to our church...not a natural thing for me, so please pray for courage for me...there are a number of people that we've met in the radiation department that I feel we may need to girl comes to mind, her name is Jennifer and she looks to be in her late 20's or early 30's...she has been struggling with cancer for 3 years in her colon and bones...she is so thin and frail that she needs a wheel chair. We saw her a few times with what seemed to be her mother and then her day we couldn't help but talk to them, every since that day, her and Jeff seem to have this connection...he can't get her off his mind and she can't stop thinking out him either. We told her we'd pray for her and she returned the sentiment...we have been praying, but she's another one that I just feel we need to reach out to before Jeff's done with treatments...I have to be honest, I am more bold and have a new confidence since Jeff's diagnosis...obviously God is more real to me...but I still feel nervous to approach others about my faith. Anyway, I covet your prayers for this part of our journey as well as restoration of Jeff's memory and removal of the cancer.

Blessings to all of you!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

What I do when not working...

Happy Thursday!
Dalaynee and I went to our neighbors mom's house to swim this morning...very refreshing!! Jeff is just worn out from the treatments so we let him sleep in...then he got up to eat lunch and went back to lay down...poor guy, I wish I could take away some of his fatigue. Anyway, just thought I'd share how well Dalaynee remembered what she was taught in swimming lessons...

With arm floaties on, she would start by the steps (where she is in the above pic) and swim by kicking and dog paddling to the ladder (top left of photo) then...

as you can see above...she'd climb out of the pool and walk around to where she started in the shallow end to do it again & again...I was amazed and proud!

She was also pretty good at propelling herself backwards by kicking!!

These little girls are the neighbor's granddaughters...Ashley, and Hannah (in the middle). Needless to say, they had a great time and we'll probably do it next week again. NOTE: after seeing these pics, I think Jeff might pull himself out of bed and come with us next time...thank God!!!

His treatments and chemo make him very tired, but it's just not like him to sleep most of the day...and sleeping the day away makes him more tired and depressed. Please pray that I am able to get him to be a little more active without pushing him too hard. Tonight we go to Oasis, the prayer service at church...always an inspiration and blessing...even if Jeff doesn't always remember the service, he is able to remember that he was blessed!!!

Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, comments and cards...we are experiencing God's love through his people!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The deed is done

Last week Friday we talked to Jeff's Radiation therapist (the guy that puts the mask on him before the treatment and we found out that if Jeff shaved his head, they probably wouldn't have to redo the mask like we were originally Joe, the RT, told Jeff to shave his head if that's what he wanted to do.....

Right after treatment we headed the barber that Jeff has been going to for 15 years...the real deal, Neal...his shop is just like an old barber shop decor and everything!! below are the results of our visit...






Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just some quick thoughts...

I was just sitting at the computer and decided to check our old "hotmail" email there I found a few messages from some of the Van Hofwegen family after Jeff's diagnosis...I know, I know, that is the address we put in the directory at the last family's the address that everyone has...anyway, just thought I'd give you all an update...our new address, if you don't have it, is

Also, just want to put a shout out of THANKS to the Washingtonians who contributed to the meals for us!!! What an awesome surprise!!! We are looking forward to picking from the menu...all of them look SO good!!! You guys are the best!!!!!

Today marks Jeff's halfway point in radiation already...Yippee!!!! I notice slight improvements in his memory almost everyday, so please continue to pray for complete restoration.

My friend, Susan, will be having a 2nd surgery on Monday at UCLA...they believe they will be able to remove more of the tumor and then radiation and chemo will have a better chance of working on what's left.

Thank you for all the GREAT prayer support and love!!!!

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord,
plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11-13