Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thank You Lord!!!

Hello all!
Jeff's memory has been a tad bit better the last week or so...PRAISE GOD!!

The doc said that's a good sign...PRAISE GOD!!

We received a phone call yesterday that the drug for Jeff has been approved by our insurance...PRAISE GOD!!!

He will start this new treatment (approved medicine with different chemo) on Jan 10th and then every 2 weeks we will go to Long Beach for a 2-3 hour intravenous treatment. The doctor said that he shouldn't get too ill because the dosage isn't too big...PRAISE GOD!!!

I have a new hope with this new treatment...PRAISE GOD!!!

Please join us in thankful prayers and praise to our heavenly father for His continued care and provision!!!

Bless you!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Prayer Warriors Unite!

I apologize for the delay in updating...
In my previous post I told you that last week Wednesday night he had headaches and vomiting, well, on Thursday night he went completely was like he was high on something, he wouldn't stay in bed and he was talking about a crew that he had to feed and painting that had to be done he was a foreman on a construction site...he was talking to people who weren't there and talking to me like I was just some girl he was with, not his wife...then I got up to find the whole kitchen torn apart, the gas was turned on on the stove and the stove was pulled away from the wall, the microwave was pulled away and the toaster was hanging by the cord off of the edge of the counter...that was when I started to cry and yell, "Lord, I don't know what to do!" At about 4am I called my parents and they came over...after 2 hours of watching him, they advised me to call 911...he was taken to ER by ambulance and a few hours after taking a CAT scan they said they talked to his oncologist and since nothing looked any different than the last MRI he should be okay to go home...I was a little nervous about what Friday would bring, but it was okay, he was definitely more confused though, didn't always know who I was, kept thinking my name was Wendy (his girlfriend in high school)...he couldn't believe we were married, but somehow glad he married me!?!?!? Anyway, he slept better on Friday night, between 3:30 & 4 am I woke up to find him gone, so I got up to check and he was in the kitchen eating (which was common before the tumor) so I kissed him and said come back to bed when you're done...I was back in bed for 5 minutes when I heard the chirp of our alarm which means a door has been opened, I sprung up and got to the locked front door just in time to hear the screen door slam shut like someone had just gone out...I opened it and called his name, he was already down to the street...he was looking for his bed...he was thankful that there was a place for him to sleep in our house. He then came to bed and slept through the night, Thank God! Saturday was more normal (for lack of a better word). This week is lots better...less confusion the past few days...again, Thank God!!!

This past Thursday we went to the oncologist at Long Beach and he told us about the new intravenous medication and chemo...he has one other patient that is taking this combination who is 57 years old and his tumor is shrinking and he's not too sick from the for our prayer request...please pray for these same results with Jeff's tumor!!! We are hopeful that this treatment is going to be the tool by which God heals him!!!

Again, we both are confident that God has brought us to this time in our lives and so we will trust Him in all things..."He will never leave us or forsake us!" We know that to be true...I just told Jeff...other than getting him better, we really have no worries...God is a faithful, providing God!!!

Thank you again, for all your prayers...keep lifting us up as we travel through this journey!

Bless you!

I also know 2 other families in need of prayer: Greg Litherland is a friend of ours from church, whom we've served with in Kids Klub over the years...his father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor right around the same time as Jeff and passed away last week. Please pray for comfort for Laura Litherland (Greg's mom), Greg & his family and his siblings and their families...Larry & Laura were high school sweethearts...they were together a long time. We met and got to know the Litherlands since Larry and Jeff were getting Radiation treatments at the same time at LB Memorial...they are very friendly, Godly people!

Also, other dear friends of ours, the Kings, have 2 college age daughters and the youngest of the two, Rebecca, passed away yesterday morning...I called her dad, Larry, today and he said he thought she just had a cold, but when he went to check on her she was blue...he has medic training and did all he could to revive her, but God took her you can imagine, the Kings (Pat, Larry and oldest daughter Elizabeth) are devastated...please pray for their comfort, strength and the peace of God to fill them.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Life as we know it = upside down!

Jeff didn't have a good night last night...he was suffering from extreme headaches and vomiting, neither one of us got any sleep. Anyway, yesterday I called Cedar Sinai to let them know that Jeff is getting more confused and wanted to double check what I needed to do...I got a call back today, and after I told the nurse about last night, she talked to the doctor and asked if we could come in to our wonderful church, we were picked up by Terry McCluney (a fellow Emmanuelite) and driven to LA! The doctor said that there is definitely more tumor and that the current Chemo is not working...he has a trial medication that is only approved for use with colon and lung cancer, but he believes it will help Jeff so now we wait for insurance approval and then we can start this new experimental drug along with a new Chemo.

Please pray that the insurance approval is timely and overall that God's will is done!!!

Also, a prayer of thankfulness...I am scared, but have much peace with the new information and Jeff really does too, so we are comforted by the Holy Spirit and an overwhelming knowledge that God is with us.

Glory to God in the highest!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Still Trusting!!!

I haven't updated in awhile because not much has changed...Jeff is still forgetting that he has cancer and all the other events I mentioned before. There was one day last week when he was able to remember the Cancer thing most of the day without my reminders. Yesterday, just as we sat down in church, he complained about not being able to hear the music...that lasted a little more than 20 minutes, but I was ready to walk out of church and take him to emergency...when he said he could hear fine again, I just broke down! This is sooo scary's almost like waiting for the bomb to drop!! After church I thought I'd try not to give him reminders unless he asks and even when he didn't remember where something was in the house or that it was Sunday, he just shrugged his shoulders and didn't ask me anything. Later in the evening his question was "Am I sick, do I have cancer?" Like always I had to confirm his worst fear, adding encouraging things like the Dr's are not hopeless etc...etc...etc... Anyway, today he's had a headache most of the day and has been in bed, but I think he's remembering about the'll see how this evening goes. The high point will be going to Dalaynee's Preschool Christmas Program...she assures me that she sings really good!!!! We will make sure to get it on videotape, otherwise Jeff will forget...

Nevertheless...GOD IS GOOD...ALL THE TIME!!!!! We continue to take one day at a time and trust our heavenly Father.
Bless you!!!