Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Touching base...

Jeff is pretty much the same...very emotional and I'm not sure what to do when he cries except hug him and pray with him, that seems to help some. He is still confused about who I am a lot of the time, although he knows I'm someone important to him. If it wasn't so serious, the things he says to me would be funny, in fact I am able to laugh sometimes! He will ask me what is wrong with him and when I tell him he'll ask if his wife knows...he's also told me that I'm lucky he's not single or he'd snap me up in a time he told me that I am just like family to him. If your chuckling right now, it's okay...Jeff would laugh if he wasn't sick!

On another note...around the Nord home there is a new least once a day, Dalaynee Jo wants to watch her Little Mermaid video...but...she can't watch it are photos of two different showings...mind you, all of them have names and I think I even know them!?!?! (from left to right, top row: Peachy, Butch, Radar, Snoopy, Spot, Fluffy, Keiko, Nano (long "a"), Kitcon, Fellow...Bottom row: Carlos, Frosty, Donald, Zee, Melody, Sissy and she's holding Gus...pretty good for a 40+ year old mom, huh?)
Feel free to stop by and enjoy our theater with all the animals and one special little girl!
Blessings to all of you!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Our wonderful neighbor waters and mows our front lawn regularly, but our back lawn has been very neglected...weeds were almost 3 ft high...anyway, while I was gone on Wednesday morning someone came and mowed our back lawn...what a surprise! I checked with the neighbor and she denied being you are...THANK YOU!!!

Then tonight, while I was out for about 45 minutes someone taped an envelope on our front door addressed to Dalaynee...inside was four 5 dollar gift cards to McDonalds!!! Again, whoever you are...THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pretty much the same...

Hi All I'm sure you are wondering what is going on with us!

Jeff had his first chemo treatment a week ago Friday and will have his 2nd next week Thursday. The increased steroid has helped with his confusion, but he is still very mixed up now and then...always seems to be confused as to if we own or rent out our house and if we are married...sometimes he will even say "Does my wife know all of this?" Off and on the relationship between him and Dalaynee is a little strained...he doesn't always have the patience for her and she (I think) views him as the weaker parent. Anyway, this past Thursday we had a small incident when I was in the other room...Laynee was crying to beat the band and when I asked her what was going on, she said "Daddy hit my head." Well, I knew that wasn't I asked Jeff and he said that he tried to tell her not to do something. Laynee is already not too used to Daddy telling her not to do something so I was the referee...I told her that Daddy did not hit her and that he loves her and just didn't want her to get hurt...I also explained to Jeff that she is only 3 and doesn't always understand what is going on with him right now (he tends to use a louder voice than necessary to tell her no, which scares her), I asked him to remind her that he loved her (all elementary stuff that he's lost sight of right now). So, Jeff told Dalaynee he was sorry he raised his voice and they hugged and all was well, thank God! Then when she got tired....

she politely crawled up in his lap and fell asleep...I was so blessed!!!!

Prayer requests...Please pray for the relationship between Jeff & Laynee, so she can remember what a wonderful man he is...also that I have patience and compassion...I am getting to the point where I feel more inconvenienced than compassionate for Dalaynee or Jeff when they cry (Jeff is very emotional lately)...I don't like this part of me at all. Also, pray that God restores Jeff's memory and obliterates the cancer. And most of all that God's name is glorified, that we are a blessing to others, and that some may come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour through our journey!!!

Thank you to all of you for consistently interceding on our behalf!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Confused but not hopeless!

I emailed the doctor yesterday to ask if the confusion Jeff is experiencing could be the Vicodin or if that means that the tumor is growing. I also asked if there was something to combat the loopiness if we raised his steroid's the answer I got...

yes, 8 mg twice a day and we will decrease after Avastin (quote, unquote!).

So, as you can see, I still don't know if his confusion is the tumor or the meds...oh well, I did increase his steroid and there was no loopiness last night, he did get up a lot however, not really knowing what he needed.

Also, in the last couple days I have come to a place of real peace and submission to God's will...don't get me wrong, I am still praying for a miraculous healing for Jeff, but if God's will is to take him home, in my loss and pain of missing him I will have much peace!!! Praise God!!!!!

Please continue to pray for restored memory, no more headaches, successful treatments and over all that God's name is glorified and that others may come to know Him through our journey.

You are all the best! Bless you!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Grant us healing, Lord we pray...

Just looking at some old pics and thought I'd share this sweet image that brings tears to my eyes!

Well, the past few days Jeff has been suffering from raging headaches again...I know the doc will tell me to increase his steroid but last time he had a sudden increase in the medication he flipped out and was turning on the stove etc... Pretty much all afternoon yesterday he suffered, even the Vicodin they gave me for pain didn't always help (he did have small blocks of time when he felt okay)...last night he still suffered and it wasn't till about 2:30 or 3:00 this morning that he had complete it is about 10am and he hasn't complained at I hope that he stays pain free today. He also seems a little more mixed up about everything, but that could be the Vicodin he's been taking...I'm going to see how it goes today before I call the doc.

Please pray that his headache pain subsides and that we are notified of a treatment schedule soon. Also, as always, pray that God's name is glorified through this journey and that we don't miss what He needs us to do to carry out His plan.

May the Lord Bless and keep you today!